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Reasons to Use Pandoras in Your Zoa Garden

There are many people around the world who are into aquaculture as a hobby. A lot of people start with a zoa garden as a way of getting into aquaculture. Zoa gardens are getting very popular today. There are a lot of resources for zoathids today where you can easily get many different kinds. So if you are planning to put up a zoa garden, you will be able to easily buy your zoathids from these resources any time.

One of the most beautiful zoathids is the Pandora which you can buy online. The Pandora zoanthid is colored pink but is enhances with violet accents and gold highlights. Pandoras grow fast and this is why it has an advantage over other species. This is the reason why many people who are cultivating a zoa garden consider this their best choice. Caring for a pandora requires very little basic knowledge. This is ideal for beginners but many experienced zoa gardeners also prefer this species over others.

Pandoras are not difficult to care for. Any light intensity and water condition is ideal for the Pandora and so it is not difficult to create a great environment for it and even to maintain it. The best benefit to owning a Pandora is that it grows really fast. They are able to grow fast in the water by collecting particles of sand and silt and making it a part of their structure. It is in cold environment that Pandoras thrive in their natural habitat which is easy to establish in a zoa garden. if you are going to have a zoa garden, then make sure that you have a moderate flow of water in it. It can help them maintain their natural looks.

Adding iodine and other trace elements in your water will help enhance the growth of Pandoras. This helps increase the reproduction process of budding of their colony. If there are symbiotic algae in your zoa garden their your Pandoras can use this as their nutritional supplement. The addition of micro-plankton and brine shrimp to your aquarium will help improve the feeding system of your Pandoras.

Handling Pandoras is not much of a problem because it is easy and relatively safe. But they also emit palytoxins that can also pose as a harmful risk to humans. Handling Pandoras is easy but you should also be careful not to disturb them as to emit these toxins. If this neurotoxin comes into contact with your blood system, then it could be deadly. Make sure that when handling Pandoras, you don’t have any cuts or open wound in your hands. To keep yourself safe from these toxins, use protecting clothing when handling Pandoras. Then you ca handle Pandoras easily and safely.
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